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Practical Introduction to Relational Databases

Starts on 16:00 UTC and is 4 hours.

Instructor: Gabor Javorszky

Static sites are amazing, and I wish more and more things on the internet were static. However there are applications where having an actual database powering your software is needed. In this workshop I'll use a super simple e-commerce store we'll be building and extending together to introduce and talk about concepts around relational databases, and more specifically, PostgreSQL. Ever wondered what a foreign key constraint is, how it works, and what do they do? Did you know you can validate data going into the database within the database itself? What are composite indices, and how do they work? What's a stored procedure, and do we need them? And how difficult dealing with all of this is, anyways? At the end of the day you should have a working knowledge of basic Postgres principles, and enough knowledge to know where to look for even more info.

Gabor Javorszky
Gabor Javorszky
Software Engineer

Gabor's been building ecommerce sites for 6 years prior to transitioning into building services on microservice architectures at well known saas and fintech companies. He's given talks and wrote blog posts about some gnarly database gotchas he encountered along the way. When not in front of screens, he can be found with either a circular saw in his hands, or saddled over his motorbike in the twisties.