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Security is the “s” in Jamstack

Starts on 21:00 UTC and is 20 minutes.

Somewhere in your Jamstack journey you may find the need for an authentication solution, so that users are able to sign up, log in and log out from your application. Although these pages sound trivial and common, introducing auth results in a honeypot of user data for swarms of hackers in the digital realm. 🍯🐝

Because the internet is filled with these honeypots, we’re seeing more and more privacy laws go into effect around the world in an effort to protect people’s digital identities. This is why it’s crucial to understand your options, their tradeoffs, and what your values are, when adding auth to your application.

If you’re an Indie or Freelance developer who wants to learn the four different ways a Jamstack app can be secured with auth, this talk is for you. By the end of the talk, you’ll know which is the best way to protect your users’ information based on your needs, resources and values.


Maricris Bonzo
Maricris Bonzo
Developer Advocate

By 🌞, I’m advocating for developers at Magic by creating content, connecting with developers and closing the product feedback loop with our team. By 🌚, I’m building a community in public called Blockchain Ladies Club for women who want to become trailblazers in the blockchain industry. If you ever want to chat about auth in Jamstack, all-things blockchain, decentralized identity, community building and gathering meaningfully, @ me on Twitter! My username’s @seemcat. ✌🏼